It is with great pleasure that we present this Volume 3 Number 1 of our magazine under the motto of passages, times, resistances, and daily life. And life and the arts are a myriad of relationships and stories that are perpetuated in time and space. It is within these that worldly situations happen and are transformed into experiences, experiences, intentions, and memories. In this Volume, imaginary constructions that are circumscribed to a time-action of becoming are made known. Constitutive of social life, the creative impulses redefine without scripts, in always new configurations, what is attributed to traditions and amalgam of the past (Ingold et al., 2018). On the other hand, all acts and actions are, in their essence, temporal fragments that can be understood as a kind of phenomenological conception of life and that are, in fact, essential for us – as social scientists – to understand the world of life (Mourão, 2016). As Schutz (1979) tells us, we are systematically giving symbolic meanings to the places of reality: through music, photography, pieces of clothing, drawing, painting. It is interesting to note that Schutz’s motto is ubiquitous in this Volume demonstrating that the relationships between lived experiences and the actions that lead to their realization are developed in curves along oblique paths.

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