“Any look that directs its attention to the cultural situation of the last decades will notice the proliferation of artistic productions and events of an aesthetic nature that do not match the logic of previous artistic production, canonization, mediation and enjoyment. This may express, in a primary observation, that the scenario presented by the current arts has changed in such a way that mental structures and schemes cannot explain and understand them, representing them as strange, chaotic, heterogeneous and even as not art. But the truth is that a closer look leads us to other issues. Sometimes, in the underground, in desguise, emerge forms, products, actors, events, plural artistic platforms, “omnivorous” to be faithful to Peterson (Peterson and Kern, 1996). (…) This book converges with all this: with the contamination of the arts with life, with lifestyles, with high culture, with mass culture, with popular cultures, with fashion, with tourism, with professions, with precariousness, with do-it-yourself.” (Paula Guerra in Apresentação [Presentation], De Vidas Artes)

“What the authors who wrote De Vidas Artes have to say is very interesting to us, as it allows us to assess and review what we have proposed about art as a social life in Portugal and Brazil and, above all, to imagine and have contact with what is still being perceived and stated. With the certainty that they, and many others of their generation, have certainly arrived or will go where we have not yet been, we launch this invitation to read them and we want their work to circulate to a very wide audience.” (Ligia Dabul in Apresentação [Presentation], De Vidas Artes)

The book is available for reading and download here.

Info Details:

Title: De Vidas Artes [Life Arts]

Editors: Paula Guerra and Lígia Dabul

Year: September 2019

Publisher: Universidade do Porto. Faculdade de Letras [University of Porto. Faculty of Arts and Humanities], Porto, Portugal.

Design: Irandina Afonso

Cover Illustration: Lua Celina

ISBN 978-989-8969-18-7

Support: Electronic – Format: PDF / PDF/A