Originally written in 1979, Dick Hebdige’s book Subculture: The Meaning of Style introduces us to the youthful subcultures that emerged in postwar England. The formation of the punk, teddy boy, mod, rocker, skinhead and rasta styles and the historical, socioeconomic, racial and class conditions that led to the emergence of these subcultures are studied in this classic book.

“No subculture has more earnestly sought to separate itself from the landscape of so-called normalized forms or to attract such disapproval as punks. For this reason we will start with the punk movement and return to it throughout this book. It is perhaps appropriate that the punks, who have so much claimed illiteracy, who led irreverence to shocking extremes, now serve as a test to put some of the signal-reading methods developed in the centuries-old debate about the purity of culture.

Translated to Portuguese by Paula Guerra and Pedro Quintela.

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