Publication Date: August 2019


In this article we propose an analysis of the genesis of Portuguese punk
fashion. Due to the overvaluation of the London reality, punk clothing reveals, at first glance, a character of homogeneity. However, through the consideration of different socio-historical realities and contexts, a more careful view of what punk fashion really was and is today may be established. In Portugal, at the time of its emergence from four decades of dictatorship, this fashion constituted a form of disruption. Through a set of interviews with key actors of the Portuguese punk scene, we will try to analyze how this disruptive fashion was triggered and, also, how it can be distinguished from other realities.

Keywords: Fashion; Punk; Do-it-yourself.

Published in  dObra[s] – journal of the Associação Brasileira de Estudos e Pesquisas em Moda (Abepem) [Brazilian Association of Fashion Studies and Research].

The full article is available for reading here.

Maria Rita, Campo de Ourique.