Publication Date: August 2019



Rádio Caos [pt for Radio Chaos]: resistance and cultural experimentation in the years 1980. The 1980s are crucial in Portugal for addressing the inherent social, cultural and political transformations inserted in the development of the cultural industry and the market for Mass entertainment. It was during this decade that the consolidation of youth cultures occurred and the subcultural belonging became denser . Hence, it is relevant to understand the (counter) cultural activities related to pirate radios carried out by a group of young people dissatisfied with the universe of the cultural possibilities existing in Portugal – that discontent is even more underlined in the city of Porto, and manifestly evident in the Rádio Caos broadcasts. Our focus is on this radio – nicknamed pirate, whose activity constituted a paradigm of cultural, artistic and musical change mobilized by young people of that time.

Key words: pirate radios; free radios; years 1980; contraculture; Rádio Caos.

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