In yet another very rich partnership with Henrique Grimaldi Figueredo, I am pleased to announce the publication of our article entitled “CIVILIZATIONAL DISSENT AT LATE 1990’S: BODY, FASHION AND CLUB CULTURES IN CONTEMPORARY SOCIETY”.

It is an article that brings us closer to the sociology of fashion and aesthetics – fields we have been approaching – showing how British fashion of the 1990s – headed by Alexander McQueen – incorporated in its creations the wasted look and an abject aesthetic, as epistemological and ontological solutions arising from the legacy of grunge experiences.

The article is available for consultation here:

GUERRA, Paula & FIGUEREDO, Henrique Grimaldi (2023). Civilizational dissent at late 1990’s: body, fashion and club cultures in contemporary society. IASPM Journal, 12(1), 126-148. ISSN 2079-3871. DOI: URL: