HIKIJI, Rose Satiko Gitirana; GUERRA, Paula & GRUNVALD, Vi (2022). Musical ReXistences between art and politics. Dossier Presentation. Revista de Antropologia (São Paulo, Online), 65(2), e202284, ISSN 0034-7701, ISSNe 1678-9857. URL:
What do the musicar (Small, 1998) of Apeshit, the music video of the American artist couple Beyoncé and Jay-Z, the musical performances of João do Crato in the countryside of Ceará, a project between a lyric singer, a musicologist and an indigenous leader in Colombia, the album AmerElo of the São Paulo rapper Emicida, the musical artivism of Linn da Quebrada and the music of African immigrants in São Paulo have in common? At first sight, nothing. But in this Dossier these musical achievements all serve the same purpose: they are forms of reXistence.

Photo credits: Jota Mombaça
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