This article is based on the possibility to explore various subversive and socially marginalised urban expressions from the lyrics of songs. Thus, and considering rap, specifically the work of the Rational MC’s, we start from the proposition that their narratives are simultaneously a mirror, but also a representation of the contexts of advanced Brazilian urban marginality. From the choice of a song from studio album of the Racionais MC’s, a contents analysis was made of the various dimensions of daily life in the Brazilian metropolises that the group expresses -young delinquents, unemployed, ghettos, blacks and women. At the same time, and through the narration of their experiential complexity and their ways of survival, they assume the songs as a way of understanding the various realities, presenting direct subordinates that dialogue with their peers and with all the social structure in which they are inserted.


GUERRA, Paula; SILVA, Gabriel Barth & COUTINHO, Pedro Henrique de Oliveira (2022) – Profetas racionales: una aproximación a las narrativas de la marginalidad urbana avanzada brasileña. El oído Pensante. 10(1), pp. 31-58. DOI: 10.34096. ISSN: 2250-7116. URL: Acesso em: 30 abr. 2022.