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Year: 2020

Author: Paula Guerra



Gustavo Costa closes a modelling trajectory  of  music  in  the  line  of  Christopher Small.  His  taste  for  music  started  very early and became a fundamental part of his life. With the musical formation, came his integration in multiple national and in-ternational artistic projects and later ap-peared Sonoscopia, a cultural association that seeks to serve as a stage for experi-mental music in Portugal, making musick-ing a local, translocal and virtual scene. Thus, throughout this article and through the analysis of his life history, we aim to perspective the various forms of music that guide Gustavo Costa’s daily life, from the creation  of  instruments from  unconven-tional  resources  to  artistic  and  cultural programming  contributing  to  the (re)construction of alternative sonic land-scapes in Porto, Portugal and even in the European space.

KEYWORDS: musicking; alternative artis-tic scenes; life history.


GUERRA, Paula (2020) – Paixões sónicas conservadas em disposofonias: o musicar de Gustavo Costa e da Sonoscopia. ArtCultura Uberlândia. vol. 22, n.º 41. 7-29. jul./dez. 2020. ISSN 1516-8603. ISSN Versão on-line: 2178-3845. URL:<>