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Year: 2020

Author: Paula Guerra



In his essay entitled Tomorrow when the waters arrive (2005), Rui Zink declares that the “sea advances, flooding territories in Europe, where there are no countries anymore. Decisions are made by New Brussels”. Portugal is – at the moment of the narration – just a narrow “land border”. Now, inspired by this dystopian incision, we will approach the songs that are part of the album known as O País a arder (The Country on fire) released in 2019 by the band Sereias. The work presented here was based on a primordial heuristic principle: to demonstrate how artistic manifestations – in this case, in particular, these songs – constitute themselves, matter and object of social intervention, demarcating their own space, defined in the revelation of social problems and in the reproduction of the problems that cross social reality.

Keywords: song; identities; dystopia; pop-rock; Portugal.


GUERRA, Paula (2020) – Dystopian mermaids: an essay on the relevance of dystopia in contemporary Portuguese artistic creations. Arte e Ensaios, Rio de Janeiro, PPGAV-UFRF. vol. 26, n. 40. pp. 393-407. jul./dez. 2020. ISSN-2448-3338. DOI: URL:<>