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Digital platforms as technological infrastructures that support human flows and social dynamics of all kinds are today even more essential to guarantee the continuity of some of our habits, now suspended. In cyberspace we are experiencing aesthetic and technical recreations and behavioural reconfigurations, some collective and others individual, some optional and others imposed, because apparently the world has changed. Since the reconfiguration of the global digital society in the 20th century, Electronic Dance Music (EDM) has also been reframed by translocal, transglobal and transvirtual movements (Bennett 2004) with migrations to the web and within the web. In the present era many already consider post-digital society, does it still make sense to continue to separate the physical/organic from the digital/technological experience? Or is this metaphorical separation between real and virtual not appropriate anymore, considering that everything is reality as long as it is experienced? From the tangible real to the imaginary virtual, the reality in fact may just be a matter of perception (Deleuze and Parnet 2004). Lévy (1998) already stated that in digital networks nothing is false or imaginary, that virtual dynamics are identical to the physical as long as they are consciously experienced.

Keywords: Digital plataforms; Electronic Dance Music; Imaginary; Virtual


Dancecult. Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture. Vol 12 No 1


Title: Virtual Dance Floors: Shall We Dance or Fly?

Authors: Emília Simão and Paula Guerra

Year: 2020


2020 – SIMÃO, Emília & GUERRA, Paula (2020) – Virtual Dance Floors: Shall We Dance or Fly? Dancecult. Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture. Vol 12 No 1 (2020): Dance Culture in the Time of Corona. <>. URL: <>.