Organization of this edition

Paula Guerra (University of Porto),

Fábio Leonardo Castelo Branco Brito (Federal University of Piauí – UFPI)

Daniel Lopes Saraiva (State University of Santa Catarina – UDESC)


Submission of papers for this dossier by 28/02/2021


Standards for publication:


The journal PerCursos – Faed/Udesc will receive articles, reviews, interviews and translations of unpublished articles in Portuguese related to the theme of the dossier ‘The Vertigo of the Arts in the Global South’.


In recent decades, the arts have been translators of social dilemmas in the Global South. These artistic expressions are also acts of active citizenship: the simple act of creation questions the institution, produces innovation and proposes social transformation. The concept of artivism arises to account for this dynamic between symbolic creativity and political agency, in relation to practices of occupation of public space and emerging social movements. In this Dossier, we hope to be able to count on articles that allow us to gather the pieces of the immense kaleidoscope of the arts in the Global South (and especially in Brazil), examined as exponents of a historical moment and/or as fractures, fragments, historical traces of contemporaneity. Contributions are particularly welcome on: the various aspects of art (music, cinema, television, plastic arts, among others) and its importance in contemporary social movements; artistic movements, specific cultural moments or trajectories of artists that have marked the contemporaneity of the Global South; forms of consumption/exposure of contemporary art and their impacts on ways of living and patterns of life; relations between art and politics and/or social issues, including recent manifestations of artivism (and artification) in the Global South.