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Ana Patrícia Barbosa

Paula Guerra

Felipe Rodrigues


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Urban artistic interventions in cities are permeated by various forms of expression in the field of negotiations of society’s interests, be they political, territorial, cultural, social or economic.

In this dossier, they will be addressed as tactical actions (CERTEAU, 2012) of occupation of space and mode of expression in the city and in contemporary urban culture. The aim is to make visible the urban interventions produced by youth cultures that reinvent the urban landscape, through their different aesthetic-cultural expressions that challenge (and are challenged by) the logics and political practices of the State, through contemporary public policies that focus on these urban spaces and social groups. By discussing this production in more depth, the possibility of analysing urban youth interventions in a context of economic, political and cultural exclusion, and as an autonomous and legitimate practice of contesting and appropriating the city space, as well as the forms of sociability built through the plural manifestations of youth cultures, is pointed out (GUERRA, 2018).

Investigating urban youth interventions means paying attention to the sensitive forms (SANSOT, 1986) from which forms of sociability are expressed and revealed, as well as the possibilities contained in youth cultures in the critical questioning of reality and the way in which young people today reinvent their practices of citizenship and political intervention in society, promoting a critical review of public policies directed at young people in the materialization of Human Rights.



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