Guest Editors:

 Paula Guerra, University of Porto, Portugal

Elizabeth Turner, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

Carles Feixa, Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain


The aim of this proposed special issue is to examine the unique force of popular music in response to recent and contemporary social problems, and the changing concepts of resistance and protest in popular music. Taking as an example the Portuguese reality in a context of crisis, when the International Monetary Fund intervened in the country, Guerra (2019) illustrates the importance of this reflection and discussion. The author shows how artistic manifestations – in this case, music and protest songs – are themselves a means and an object of social intervention, demarcating a specific, defined space in the acknowledgement and revelation of social problems, and in the contestation, deconstruction and accusation of problems that deal with social reality. Protest songs instigate readings, narratives and deconstructions of reality, and they are simultaneously significant elements of a collective identity. In this sense, we are interested in showcasing a recent research on subjects that have been opening up important avenues for further investigation and discussion.



credits: Esgar Acelerado 2018


Abstract proposals should be sent by email to the organizers by 15 October 2020 for initial evaluation. Deadline for article submissions: 31 December 2020. All selected articles will be subject to double blind peer review according to the journal guidelines.