In the NEW BOOK Indigenous People and the Christian Faith: A New Way Forward – William H. U. Anderson, Charles Muskego (Eds.) by Daniel Nii Aboagye Aryeh (Perez University College in Winneba, Ghana), Tobias Schuckert (International University for Applied Science in Liebenzell, Germany), Alba Suarez Rodriguez , Fidelis ‘Deji Olokunboro , Matthew Oliver , Martin Nord , Noelia Suarez Montoto , Stephen W. Martin (The King’s University in Edmonton), Terry LeBlanc (North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies (NAIITS)), Vinod John (Taylor Seminary and College), Paula Guerra (University of Porto, Portugal ), Clara Allejo Cotareloarelo , Catherine Caufield , Rocio Riestra-Camacho , Eric Bates Eric Bates (Northern Kentucky University), Jonathan Strand (Concordia University of Edmonton in Alberta).

Indigenous People and the Christian Faith: A New Way Forward provides detailed historical, cultural and theological background and analysis to a very delicate and pressing subject facing many people around the world. The book is “glocal” both local and global, as represented by international scholars. Every continent is represented by both Indigenous and non-indigenous people who desire to make a difference with the delicate problematics and relationships. The history of Indigenous people around the world is inextricably linked with Christianity and Colonialism. The book is completely interdisciplinary by employing historians, literary critics, biblical scholars and theologians, sociologists, philosophers and ordained engineers. The Literary Intent of the book, without presuming nor claiming too much for itself, is to provide practical thinking that will help all people move past the pain and dysfunction of the past, toward mutual understanding, communication, and practical actions in the present and future.

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Title: Chapter 5 Culture, Interaction and Ritual: A Sociological Approach to the Xucuru-Kariri Indigenous People of Brazil, pp. 79-96

Author: Paula Guerra

Editors: William H. U. Anderson, Charles Muskego (Eds.)

Year: November 2019

Publisher: Vernon Press, Delaware, United States.

ISBN 978-1-62273-816-8