Forty years after its inception, punk has gone global. The founding scenes in the United Kingdom and United States now have counterparts all around the world. Most, if not all, cities on the planet now have some variation of punk existing in their respective undergrounds, and long-standing scenes can be found in China, Japan, India, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Each scene, rather than adopting traditional interpretations of the punk filter, reflects national, regional, and local identities.
The first offering in Intellect’s new Global Punk series, The Punk Reader: Research Transmissions from the Local and the Global is the first edited volume to explore and critically interrogate punk culture in relation to contemporary, radicalized globalization. Documenting disparate international punk scenes, including Mexico, China, Malaysia, and Iran, The Punk Reader is a long-overdue addition to punk studies and a valuable resource for readers seeking to know more about the global influence of punk beyond the 1970s.

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The Punk Narrative Turned Upside Down: Research Transmissions from the Local to the Global – Russ Bestley, Mike Dines, Alastair ‘Gords’ Gordon & Paula Guerra

Chapter 1

Sell-out Bastards! Case-study Accounts of the Dilemmas of Authenticity in the UK/US Punk 1984-2001 and Beyond – Alastair ‘Gords’ Gordon

Chapter 2

‘Nothing Like the Rest of Holland’: The Groningen Punk Scene – Kirsty Lohman

Chapter 3

The Global and Local in Music Scenes: The Multiple Anchoring of Portuguese Punk – Augusto Santos Silva & Paula Guerra

Chapter 4

‘Crack in the System’. A Bottom-up Analysis of the Anarcho-Punk Movement in Mexico – Alice Poma & Tommaso Gravante

Chapter 5

One Struggle, One Fight, All Day, All Night: Punk Cartographies in the Subway of São Paulo – Paula Guerra & Débora Gomes

Chapter 6

Golfos, Punkis, Alternativos, Indignados: Subterranean Tradition of Youth (Spain, 1960-2015) – Carles Feixa & Paula Guerra

Chapter 7

Narratives of Transition Within a Subculture: A Case Study of Nomadic Punks – Edward Avery-Natale

Chapter 8

Powerviolence, or, How to Play Punk with a ‘Hammer’  – Benjamin Van Loom