Credits: Maria Amélia Guerra


This started very early in my life, around 15 years. I lived a period of transition. Age and intellectual transition. I began to devour the books of Eça de Queiroz, Camilo Castelo Branco and others, I also looked for things in Philosophy. I looked for answers to some questions that worried me at that time. It was also at that time that I had the opportunity to meet someone who was very involved in the world of music. He had a band and many records and brought with him a universe of musical and cultural references with which I identified. It created in me the desire to move within that reality.

During this period of transition that happened during the “big vacation” when I was in Vale de Cambra, the passion I had for music redoubled its intensity, fruit of the remoteness of the city because Vale de Cambra is a more rural area. This taste came to accentuate with the contact I had with the program Som da Frente, by António Sérgio. This program quickly became my world, became the world I was allowed to live in. The huge radio I used to listen to the program that was broadcast by Rádio Comercial brought me that deep and emblematic voice that took me to other realities.


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