Paula Guerra’s participation as an interviewee in Notícias Magazine’s newspaper piece, entitled “Return, one last time, to Knave. A sociologist and university professor at the University of Porto, with regular work in the area of ​​music culture, Paula Guerra begins by stressing that she is not “legitimizing the song and video” of “BFF”, concluding: “There is an excuse for the wrong man greater than the deceived woman ”. Also, “was what you see in the video considered domestic violence 20 years ago?” Given the work she has been doing around punk in Portugal, she concludes that the situation in hip-hop “is neither better nor worse.

Like any other artistic product it transposes questions of society. And since violent music is an expression of society itself, it is best to perceive it as such. Punk and alternative rock also have a problem with gender issues. ” It gives as an example the “role of women in videos – they often serve as companions, have no prominent role”. In his view, this comes from the way we are organized in society. And artists can even behave this way “even without conscience. It has to do with education, with the processes of socialization ”.

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